Spray Foam R-values and Performance

Spray Foam in Canada

Spray foam stands as more than just insulation; it serves as a versatile building material with remarkable performance attributes. Beyond its primary function, it acts as an air barrier and a vapor retarder, positioning it as a comprehensive solution for modern construction challenges. Logik Roofing and Insulation proudly presents a range of spray foam products, each offering distinct advantages that cater to the evolving demands for energy-efficient homes.

As consumers increasingly seek environmentally conscious and energy-efficient solutions, spray foam emerges as a frontrunner, continually surpassing expectations. It goes beyond the conventional insulation metrics, as exemplified by its ability to form an air barrier without the need for additional products. This dual functionality, coupled with its superior R-values, distinguishes spray foam from other insulation materials.

The accompanying chart illustrates the diverse performance properties of Logik Roofing and Insulation’s spray foam offerings:

R-values and Performance

Low Density or Open Cell Spray FoamMedium Density or Closed Cell Spray FoamClosed Cell Roofing Spray Foam
Thermal Performance: R-Value*Starting at 3.6 per inchStarting at 5.7 per inchStarting at 5.5 per inch
2×4 Cavity: Full FillR13R20Not used for interior application
Air Barrier / Sealant
Vapor Retarder: Class II rating

*Note: R-value indicates resistance to heat flow; higher values signify superior insulating power.

Spray foam Insulation, in its various forms, offers diverse R-values to meet a wide range of performance requirements. Logik Roofing and Insulation ensures that all three types of spray foam – Low Density, Medium Density, and Closed Cell Roofing – not only meet but exceed the R-value requirements for walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs in every climate. Furthermore, these spray foam solutions can elevate structures to super-insulated standards, surpassing minimum code requirements.

Air Barriers & Permeability

Beyond its insulating capabilities, spray foam serves as an effective air barrier, resisting airflow between conditioned and unconditioned spaces. Logik Roofing and Insulation recognizes the significance of air barriers in building science, as they play a pivotal role in enhancing insulation performance and indoor air quality.

Consider the analogy of leaving a refrigerator door open – the performance of the appliance significantly decreases due to the introduction of airflow. Similarly, when warm air infiltrates a cold refrigerator or an air-conditioned building, it disrupts the internal climate. Spray foam, acting as an air barrier, addresses this issue by creating a tight seal that prevents the intrusion of pollen, dust, insects, and other allergens through cracks or crevices in wall assemblies.

Vapor Retarder

Closed cell spray foam, a specialty of Logik Roofing and Insulation, often qualifies as a Class II vapor retarder according to the International Residential Code. A vapor retarder is instrumental in controlling moisture movement within and outside a building, preventing water vapor from easily passing through the building material. In the context of good building design, managing moisture is critical to averting mold growth and preserving the performance and service life of building materials.

As a testament to Logik Roofing and Insulation’s commitment to comprehensive building solutions, clients are encouraged to consult with their SPF contractor for more information on R-value and total building performance. By choosing Logik Roofing and Insulation’s spray foam products, clients not only invest in superior insulation but also contribute to the creation of energy-efficient, durable, and resilient structures.

In conclusion, Logik Roofing and Insulation’s spray foam solutions transcend conventional insulation, offering a holistic approach to energy efficiency and building performance. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Logik Roofing and Insulation continues to be a trailblazer in the construction industry, providing cutting-edge insulation solutions that redefine the standards for sustainable and high-performance buildings. Choose Logik Roofing & Insulation professionals in Mississauga, Brampton, North York, and Richmond Hill, where innovation meets insulation and excellence becomes the standard.

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