Logik Roofing Inc. Crowned 2020 HomeStars Best of Award

Logik Roofing Inc. Crowned 2020 HomeStars Best of Award Winner! 2020 — Logik Roofing Inc. announced today that they have been chosen as a 2020 HomeStars Best of Award Winner. The Best of Awards recognize the best pros in the HomeStars network of over 60k pros, vetted and selected for their unwavering dedication to customer services and excellence in their trade.

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How to Choose A Reputable Roofing Specialist

With many construction and roofing specialists companies in the market today, choosing a high quality roofing contractor who is properly certified can feel especially daunting. The following questions can help you choose a professional roofing specialist.

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Attic Ventilation: The Truth, The Myths, And More

Attic ventilation is one of the most published roofing topics on the internet today. There are countless articles and blogs available for homeowners from various resources. While many of these articles have similar themes, I have noticed some varying opinions on the importance and benefits of ventilation. I have also noticed that ventilation is sometimes a scapegoat for a deeper, more underlying problem. In today’s article, I want to cover what I feel are the truths about attic ventilation regarding its importance and benefits. I also want to mention where I see ventilation (specifically, the lack of) as being unfairly blamed for issues and deficiencies that have deeper rooted problems. I will also discuss some common products used for attic ventilation.

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What If We Pay Cash? The Risks Of A Cash Deal Roof Renovation

Beyond “how much will it cost?” and “when can you get started?” one of the most common questions I get asked when providing customers with roof replacement estimates is “can we pay cash?” I can certainly appreciate a customer asking this. (the implication of course is paying cash = no tax on the price for the service) After all, the cost difference in Ontario between a cash job and a properly invoiced job is an astounding 13%. There are, however, a number of risks associated with cash job transactions. Today’s article will attempt to bring these risks to the forefront and help homeowners make informed decisions when considering a cash deal for their roofing project.

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Shingle Warranties: The Truth Is In The Fine Print

From my experience, shingle warranties have caused more disappointments and mis-trust between contractors, manufacturers and homeowners than any other aspect of this industry. Many homeowners hear terms like “25 Year Shingle” or “Lifetime Warranty” and conclude that they will have that roof thing covered for a long, long time. Maybe not quite 25 years, but it should be pretty close…right? Not necessarily. When you start reading the fine print on shingle warranties, you will discover that there a lot of conditions and criteria that need to be met before your shingle warranty is actually valid. Furthermore, you may be quite surprised as to what you are entitled to regarding compensation. Today’s read will cover the gist of shingle manufacturerer’s warranties and what the expectations should be if you need to make a claim.

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