What to Look For When Selecting a Roofing Contractor

When you need to replace your roof or have damage that needs repaired, it is often best to hire a roofing contractor who is reputable and does high quality work. Replacing the roof on your home is one of the bigger investments of home ownership and you will want the work done correctly, the first time.
Select a roofing contractor

If your roof needs replaced or some repairs, look for the following when selecting a roofing contractor:

1. Do they have insurance? This is important because roofing contractors need to carry insurance to protect themselves and you, the homeowner. They should have both liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Liability insurance protects you in case of accidental damage to your property. Workers’ compensation insurance covers the roofing contractor and any of their employees for accidental injuries.

2. Do they have a license? Roofing companies and contractors are required to have a license. Licensing is important because it means they are operating as an actual business.

3. Will they provide references? A reputable contractor is willing to provide potential customers with a list of references of past clients. Some even provide pictures showing the results of their prior projects.

4. Are they willing to answer your questions? Contactors should take the time to answer all of your questions and be easy to communicate with so you can make informed decisions.

5. What training does the roofing contractor have? Experienced contractors have undergone training on a variety of roofing materials and how to correctly install them.

6. Is the contractor a certified installer? Certified installers have been trained directly by the roofing material manufacturers, like GAF and Certainteed, which means they know how to use their materials and install them correctly.

7. Do they have the required safety training? Roofing contractors must complete “Working at Heights” safety training and obtain safety certification.

8. Is the contractor passionate about their work? Listen to how the contractor talks about their previous roofing jobs and how excited they are about installing your new roof and helping you select the best materials. You want a roofer, who is enthusiastic because it means they enjoy their work.

9. Are they willing to provide a written contract? This is a big deal breaker if they will not provide you with a written contract. The contract protects you and the roofer and should contain a detailed breakdown of the cost of materials and labor, description of the work to be performed, and the full name and contact details of the contractor.

10. Do they have any reviews on review sites like Google or HomeStars? These reviews can be a valuable tool when selecting a roofing contractor to let you know how others thought of their services.

A Word about Unlicensed and Uninsured Roofers

There are some people, who do roofing “on-the-side” and are not licensed or insured. Using this type of roofer has its risks. First, in the event of accidental damage to your home, you are stuck paying for all repairs. Next, in the event a worker is accidentally injured, you could be held fully responsible for paying the injured worker’s medical bills.

It is due to these risks it is always in your best interest to choose a licensed and insured roofer with a solid reputation in the community, like us, here at Logik Roofing. Call us at 1.866.840.2914 today to request your free roofing quote!

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