Is Your Attic Heating Up? Here’s Why

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If your house has an attic, you’re probably already aware of the most typical attic problem: excessive heat. What’s the source of the heat? How can such a high temperature exist in a typical home? Is it even possible to live comfortably in such extreme heat?

Take a minute to consider the heat in your attic before closing the attic door. It’s a common issue brought on by nothing specific. Moreover, it’s an issue that can be managed! Understanding a problem is the first step in resolving it, so keep reading to discover more about the heat monster in your attic.

Inadequate Ventilation

A lack of sufficient ventilation is one of the most prevalent causes of hot attics. Your attic ventilation could undoubtedly be enhanced, whether your property is old or new, renovated or obsolete. Examine the rooftop vents to see whether this is the source of the problem. These are mainly for exhaust and must be sufficient for your attic – if your attic is large, you will want more than a handful of six-inch vents.

Vents for Air Intake

There’s more to ventilation than just exhaust vents. Intake vents, also known as “soffit vents,” are located on the bottom of your home’s roof. They are in charge of pushing hot air out of the attic and bringing cold air in from the outside.

Many overlook the intake vents because they are more challenging to see, especially with the untrained eye. Some individuals may even paint over them by accident. They, like any other fan in your home, require regular cleaning and maintenance, and, unfortunately for most homeowners, they are nearly always insufficient when a house is first built.

Intake vents, like exhaust vents, must be the right size for your attic. Almost every attic comes with intake vents that are too few and too tiny when the house is first built; add additional and more oversized vents to relieve the oppressive heat in your attic.


A lack of appropriate attic insulation is another factor that contributes to the high heat in the attic. Many individuals make the mistake of assuming that their hot attics indicate that they have too much insulation in their attic, trapping the hot air, but this isn’t the case. The attic is a crucial element of keeping your home cool in general, requiring adequate insulation within and throughout the house.

To effectively block the heat from entering your home in the first place, good insulation must be substantial – more than a foot thick, in fact. Look up your attic and check if you can see the rafters on the ceiling. If you can do so, your insulation is insufficient.

Remember that proper insulation will keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, despite what some may believe. It doesn’t just chill things down endlessly; the goal is to keep your house (and attic) at a constant temperature, regardless of the weather outside.

Final Words

A hot and stuffy attic is a frequently ignored yet critical component regarding house energy efficiency. You can keep hot air out of your attic by keeping the ventilation system in good working order and adopting precautionary steps.


What is the best way to get the hot air out of my attic?

Attic ventilation is the most fantastic way to get the hot air out of your attic. If you currently have passive attic vents on your roof, you should consider adding a powered exhaust vent, ideally solar-powered.

Is it true that a hot attic makes a hot house?

Many factors might lead to your home becoming too hot. One of the most common causes is a hot attic. If there isn’t enough insulation or the attic isn’t adequately air-sealed, hot air in the attic might radiate into cooler living areas.

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