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Our goal is simple. To provide you with the best attic insulation and roofing products available at a competitive price. Your family deserves nothing but the best. We wouldn’t put a shingle on your roof or insulation in your Attic that we wouldn’t use on our own home. 

Insulation, and Air Sealing Services in Durham and the GTA

Are you tired of high energy bills each month? Do you notice stale air in your home? Does it seem to take forever to heat or cool your home? Is your roof leaking, damaged, or an eyesore? Maybe it is time to consider your home’s roofing, attic insulation, and air sealing needs.

Logik Roofing & Insulation provides professional roofing, attic insulation, and air sealing services for the entire Durham Region and throughout the GTA including Cottage Country. We work with you to make sure your roof, attic, and home more energy-efficient, resistant to water damage, and as comfortable as possible.

We also offer other insulation services to improving other areas of your home. We understand our customer’s needs and what needs to be done to achieve the best results

How do I know that I may need to top up my attic insulation?

Your attic can have several symptoms that indicate attic insulation issues, including:

1. Fluctuating Indoor Temperatures:

Is your thermostat saying it is a certain temperature, but if you take a reading in another room it is warmer or colder? Does it seem difficult for your furnace or AC to maintain the desired indoor temperature? This is usually caused by insufficient attic insulation and the home’s inability to maintain a constant temperature. Adding more attic insulation is an effective and fairly inexpensive way to help reduce this issue.

2. Increased Heating and Cooling Costs:

An insufficiently insulated attic will cause your furnace or AC to run more often to keep up with the desired temperature setting. By compensating for the lost heat or cooled air, your heating and cooling costs will be more. By topping up your attic insulation to the recommended levels, your home will be able to maintain temperature longer.

3. Uneven Room Temperatures:

Do some rooms feel colder than others in the winter and stuffy and humid in the summer? This can be another symptom of insufficient attic insulation. By adding more fiberglass insulation to your attic and topping up to our recommended level of 22 inches ( R-60 ) you will notice uneven room temperatures can be a thing of the past.

Benefits Homeowners Gain by Topping Up Attic Insulation

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Here at Logik Roofing & Insulation, we have been specializing in shingle, slate, and cedar roofing services, as well as insulation services for over 15 years, for both commercial and residential projects. Our experienced roofers also provide customization services to fit with your exact project specifications and needs.

Our team of roofers consist of only the top-rated, knowledgeable, professional and qualified installers in the GTA. Plus, our installers have undergone manufacturer product knowledge training in order to provide their recommendations to ensure your project exceeds your expectations!

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Why Choose
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Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Program

Why Should You Consider an Attic Insulation Topping Up?

The most obvious reasons are to save on your heating and cooling bills and improve the comfort level of your home. If you are still debating about topping up your attic insulation, there is great news! You may qualify for the Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Program that can help save you money on topping up your attic insulation.
At Logik Roofing, we offer attic insulation improvements to help you save money, reduce your energy usage, and maintain comfort levels. With the Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Program.  You could save over $1,000 towards the cost of attic insulation topping up and air sealing through the program

Qualify for up to $5,000 back with the Home Efficiency Rebate.

Learn more about the program here:

How Does the Enbridge Efficiency Rebate Program Work?

There are a few simple steps you must follow to qualify for the rebate program as follows:

Step 1:  Request a free, no-obligation estimate and assessment from Logik Roofing to upgrade your attic insulation. We will determine the current depth (R-value) you have and verify your home qualifies for the program.
Step 2:  Schedule an energy audit with a certified energy auditor. The auditor will advise you on what air sealing and insulation requirements are. There is an out-of-pocket cost of $400 + HST payable to the auditor when the audit is performed.
Step 3:  Complete the attic insulation upgrades and air sealing to quality for the rebates.
You must pay for the upgrades upfront.
Step 4:  Schedule a final inspection with the auditor. The auditor will confirm the work has been completed as required by Logik Roofing. There is an out-of-pocket cost of $200 + HST for the final inspection payable to the auditor.
Step 5: The auditor submits your rebate paperwork on your behalf after the final inspection.

It is that simple and easy! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to save money on attic insulation and air sealing upgrades for your home! Contact our office for full details today!

Logik Roofing does recommend auditors if you need us to, as well as works with any approved auditor of your choice. Full qualification details and a complete list of Approved Energy Auditors can be found on Enbridge’s website: or by calling Enbridge directly at 1-877-362-7434.

How Our Insulation Process Is Convenient and Easy for Homeowners

At Logik Roofing, we use a 3-Step insulation process to install new insulation in your home.


Contact Logik Roofing & Insulation by phone or email to schedule a FREE no-obligation estimate and assessment appointment with one of our attic insulation inspectors.


During your appointment, your attic insulation inspector will inspect the attic insulation and ventilation. Your knowledgeable attic insulation inspector will also share details on the insulation process and why proper ventilation is essential. 


Your insulation is installed, which can occur soon after your inspection and acceptance of our quote. We attempt to schedule the service at a time convenient to you.

At Logik Roofing & Insulation, we can insulate any style of home including:

  • Stucco
  • Stone
  • Siding
  • Brick
  • Shingled, and More!
Our insulation installers work efficiently to complete the insulation installation process as quickly and effectively as possible to make your home more energy-efficient and help reduce your energy costs.
All our insulation installers are manufacturer-trained and are familiar with all the products we use. We use proven insulation installation methods recommended by the manufacturers to make your home comfortable year-round.

Contact Logik Roofing & Insulation at (905) 424-7469

How Improving Attic Insulation Can Help Your Home

There are several benefits homeowners gain by improving their attic insulation which includes:

Saves Money

The costs to heat a home in Canada can be very expensive. Many homes built in Ontario were constructed during a time when there was plenty of inexpensive energy supplies. As such, these homes were only built with the minimal amount of attic insulation required.
With energy costs being much higher today, retrofitting your attic with more insulation is one of the least costly and most efficient ways to help reduce your home heating energy bills by as much as $500 a year.

Conserves Energy

The costs to heat our homes uses about 17 percent of Ontario’s annual energy usages. Most of this energy could and should be saved. Retrofitting your attic by improving the insulation can help save our valuable energy resources. Energy conservation helps preserve current resources at a cost lower than having to produce new energy resources.

Helps Protect the Environment

When you improve the insulation in your attic, you are making your home more energy efficient. This means you are also reducing greenhouse gas emissions because you are using less energy to heat your home. Not only are you doing something good for the environment, but also lessen your home’s impacts on the environment with lower energy bills.

Increased Comfort

The more attic insulation you have, the more comfortable your home will be. A correctly insulated attic helps save energy year round by keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.
For additional information about improving the attic insulation in your home or to request a free quote, please feel free to contact Logik Roofing at (905) 424-7469 today!


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