How Does Attic Insulation Keep You Cool in Summer? Everything You Need to Know

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Does attic insulation keep you cool in summer? The short answer is yes; insulation isn’t only useful during frigid winter temperatures. Proper insulation works all year long, helping keep your home cool even when temperatures soar.

Does Insulation Keep Heat Out?

Does attic insulation keep you cool in summer? Does insulation keep heat out?

Yes, insulation keeps your living spaces cooler during summer. In fact, the benefits of insulation in the summer are similar to those in winter and fall.

Just like how insulating your attic space will keep the chilly winter air from penetrating your home, it will also keep the summer heat at bay.

How Does Insulation Keep a House Cool in Summer?

To understand “How does insulation keep a house cool in summer?” you first need to know the three types of heat. These are:

  1. Conduction: This type of heat passes through different materials. Try to think of a metal spoon resting on a hot pot.
  2. Convection: This is heat that circulates through gases or liquids. It is why warm air rises and cool air sinks.
  3. Radiant: This type of heat travels in straight lines, warming anything solid in its way. Examples include heat from the sun or other sources, such as furnaces or fireplaces.

Due to the laws of thermodynamics, hot air will always want to go where cooler air is. For instance, if it’s 90 degrees outside but only 75 degrees in your home, the outdoor air will try to get in.

When the sun hits your home’s roof, it transmits radiant heat. As your roof becomes hot, this heat will travel into your attic by conduction. Once it reaches your attic, it warms your indoor air through convection.

However, attic insulation creates a barrier that reduces the amount of heat passing between your home’s interior and exterior. As a result, your home can remain cool even in the hottest summers.

Benefits of Attic Insulation in the Summer

Ensuring your home has adequate insulation offers several benefits. For starters, it allows you to enjoy enhanced cooling efficiency.

Most importantly, it promises to reduce your energy bills significantly.

Without insulation, your home’s AC will have to do all the work of keeping you cool. This can result in high energy bills.

On the other hand, with insulation pitching in, you won’t need to run your AC on high. As a result, you not only enjoy a cooler home but also reduced energy bills.

How Much Cooler Does Insulation Make a House?

Does attic insulation keep you cool in summer, and how much cooler does insulation make a house? Depending on the insulation you install, you can make your home up to 25% cooler. On top of that, you can reduce energy loss by as much as 80%.

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