Getting Ready for an Attic Top-Up? Things You Need to Know

Getting Ready for an Attic Top-Up

When you are topping up your attic insulation, your objective is to improve the energy efficiency of your home by increasing the R-value of the attic insulation to reduce energy loss. One important consideration is what R-value is right for your home?

Why R-Values Matter?

R-values refer to the insulation’s ability to insulate the home and prevent energy loss. The higher the R-value, the better insulated the home is to reduce energy loss. Achieving the desired R-value in your attic requires understanding the differences between your existing attic insulation and the R-value you want to top it off to.

For 2021, there have been updates and changes to the insulation building codes for Ontario. For attic insulation, new homes will need to have a minimum of R-60 in attic insulation. If your home is older, and depending on when it was built, you could have R-10, R-20, or possibly a much lower R-value.

Topping up your insulation will help ensure your home meets the new energy efficiency building codes. Additionally, you will notice a decrease in your hydro and energy bills to heat and cool your home.

How Much Insulation Will My Top-Up Need?

It will depend on the existing amount of insulation in your attic and the current R-value. For example, if your home is older with an attic insulation rating of R-13, you would need about 17 inches or so of new insulation to achieve an R-60 rating.

Please keep in mind, the actual amount of attic insulation you will require depends on when your home was built, if you had a previous top-up, and other such factors.

Can I Top Up Over Existing Insulation?

In most cases, you can have new insulation installed directly over the existing insulation. However, the insulation should be inspected by a qualified professional to look for signs of water damage, rodent infestation, and other such issues.

If any of these issues are discovered, then it is recommended to have the existing insulation in the affected areas removed and replaced. Otherwise, the existing insulation is not effective at preventing energy loss.

Does an Attic Top-Up Really Matter?

Energy-efficient homes are becoming more and more in demand. By topping up your attic insulation, you ensure your home is more energy-efficient and meets the current building codes. This way, if you ever want to sell your home, it will be easier to attract potential buyers. Additionally, there are two great rebate programs out for homeowners to take advantage of.

The Greener Homes federal grant offers up to $5,600 additionally If you are an Enbridge energy subscriber, you could qualify for up to $5000 in-home efficiency rebates.

If you are ready to top up your attic insulation by a roofing company in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, and Mississauga and enjoy lower heating and cooling energy bills, contact Logik Roofing at 905.424.7469 schedule an appointment to find out how much attic insulation your home needs.

We even offer easy financing! Remember to inquire about qualifying rebate programs when you call to book your appointment.

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