How to Get Your House Ready for Winter

Roof Repair for Winter
It is hard to believe it is already fall and winter will soon be here. The cooler fall temperatures make this the perfect time to take care of some home maintenance and get your home ready for winter. By taking care of maintenance now, you will be warm, and cozy once colder winter weather, snow, and ice arrive!
  1. Make sure your roof is in good shape.
Have your roof inspected for damages, leaks, and other problems. If anything is discovered, have the roof repaired. The last thing you want is ice dams forming under the roof and water getting into your attic. If your roof is older, it may be more cost-effective to have it replaced rather than repaired.
  1. Top off your attic insulation.
The attic is one area of the home that is often insufficiently insulated. It is not that hard or difficult to top off the attic insulation and bring it up to the recommended levels. The more insulation you have, the lower heat-loss transfer will be. This translates to lower heating bills come winter.
  1. Add more insulation to your basement and other areas of the home.
Your attic isn’t the only area of the home that could lack proper insulation. Consider making insulation improvements in the basement, crawl space, or other such areas to make your home more energy-efficient.
  1. Upgrade to a smart thermostat.
If you are still using an analog or digital thermostat you are wasting money. Smart thermostats help you monitor your energy usage and create heating schedules that maximize your energy savings.
  1. Replace your old furnace with a new, energy-efficient model.
If your furnace is more than 15 years old, it is time for a new one. There have been many advances made to make furnaces operate more efficiently and use less energy to keep your home warm and comfortable.
  1. Get a humidifier installed.
Maintaining humidity levels in the home during the winter provides numerous benefits. You will notice you feel warmer even with the thermostat set to a lower temperature. Humidity also helps prevent the spread of colds and the flu. You also won’t have to worry about dry skin and chapped lips.
  1. Seal up air leaks around windows and doors.
Take the time to apply new caulking around windows to ensure all air leaks are sealed. You can add insulating strips around doors for a tighter fit to keep cold air out too. Sealing air leaks will prevent cold air drafts and keep your home more evenly heated.
  1. Clean out your gutters and install covers to keep debris and leaves out.
With leaves falling off trees, you want to make sure your gutters are cleaned. Otherwise, the leaves could cause drainage problems later. You can also install covers to keep leaves and larger debris from getting into the gutters. By using these tips, you will be in great shape come winter! For roof repairs and replacements, basement and attic insulation top offs, and air sealing services in Durham, Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, and the GTA, please feel free to contact Logik Roofing at 905-424.7469 today! Be sure to ask about current specials, rebate offers, and financing options!

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