Do I Have to Remove Old Attic Insulation Before Topping Up with New?

This is a frequently asked question we got a lot from people interested in topping up their attic insulation. The amount of insulation in your attic is essential to maintaining comfort in your home. With sufficient attic insulation, your heating bills are lower, and your home becomes more energy efficient.

Most homeowners already have some attic insulation. However, the amount of insulation in the attic is often insufficient to meet the recommend energy-efficient guidelines. As such, homeowners want to know if their existing insulation has to be removed before topping it up with new insulation.

In most cases, you can have new insulation added over the existing insulation. Removing the existing insulation can be expensive and time-consuming. So, if it is not necessary, then there is no reason to do it.

When Does Existing Insulation Need to Be Removed Before Topping Up the Attic Insulation?

There are a few exceptions where the existing insulation will need removing before topping up your attic with new insulation. These exceptions are when the existing insulation has been damaged in some manner as follows:

  • Water Damage – If the insulation has gotten wet from a roof leak, ice dams, or other such problems, it needs to be removed. Once insulation gets wet, it is no longer effective at insulating your home.
  • Mold and Mildew – A side effect of wet insulation is the growth of black mold and mildew. If either is present in the insulation, it is best to replace it since it got wet. Even if you fixed the water problem, the mold and mildew could easily spread to the new insulation and create an even bigger problem.
  • Rodent Infestations – If rats, mice, bats, or other rodents took up residence in your attic, the insulation can be damaged and have feces and urine in the insulation.
  • Fire Damage – If you had a house fire, and the fire spread to the attic, or there was smoke damage, you need to replace your attic insulation.

Depending on the extent of the damages and the location, you may not have to replace all of the existing insulation, just the damaged sections. Removing insulation is a detailed process that requires using the right equipment to remove the insulation, along with any dust and debris, and preventing it from getting into the home.

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