What’s the Difference Between Spray Foam Vs Fibreglass Insulation

Spray Foam Vs Fibreglass Insulation Canada

Spray foam and fibreglass are two of the most common types of  insulation for residential and commercial properties in Toronto, Ontario. However, each insulation variation provides unique pros and cons property owners must consider before installing one in their home. So, spray foam vs. fibreglass insulation: Which works best for your property?

To help you decide between the two insulation materials, Logik Roofing developed a short guide comparing spray foam with fibreglass insulation.

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Spray Foam Vs. Fibreglass Insulation: Which Is Best?

Fibreglass Insulation

Fibreglass insulation is the most prevalent insulation type in North America. It’s more affordable per square foot than spray foam and easier to install.

Fibreglass insulation consists of thick rolls or sheets called batts constructed from small glass fibres. The batts install inside your property’s walls and create a vapour barrier that prevents cold, moist air from flowing into the space.

However, installed fibreglass insulation isn’t as efficient as spray foam and deteriorates faster, making it a less permanent solution. Despite its drawback, many people prefer fibreglass insulation due to its affordability and easy installation process.

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation comes in two primary forms:

  • closed-cell
  • open-cell

Closed-cell spray foam is more robust and completely restricts airflow. It enhances your home or business’s structural integrity, making it the preferred option.

Open-cell spray foam costs less than closed-cell and offers increased sound cancelling. However, it isn’t as effective as closed-cell insulation.

Both types of spray foam insulation provide excellent protection against chilled air and can lower your property’s heating and cooling costs. Installed spray foam insulation lasts over 80 years and will help your home or business maintain a comfortable internal temperature no matter the outside weather.

The Final Verdict

Now that you understand spray foam vs. fibreglass insulation, you can determine which type works best for your property.

Property owners wanting affordable insulation without strenuous installation requirements will likely prefer fibreglass insulation, while residents looking for highly efficient, long-lasting insulation will favour spray foam. Although both insulation variations work well for Toronto properties, spray foam is the better option.

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