Best Materials for Attic Insulation Top Up

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When it comes to topping up your attic insulation, you have different types of insulation and materials to achieve your targeted R-value and make your home more energy-efficient. Insulating your attic can save you money and is not an expensive home improvement to make.

Living in Toronto and the GTA means there will be cold weather in winter and warm weather in summer. With prices for natural gas, oil, and electricity on the rise, the only effective way to cut your heating and cooling energy bills is by topping up your attic insulation.

Sure, you could always turn down your thermostat in winter and up in summer. Yet do you really want to wear heavy winter clothing indoors and hardly any clothing in summer? Topping up your attic insulation is a project that can typically be completed in a day and cut between 10 to 50% off your heating and cooling energy bills.

Choosing the Right Type of Attic Insulation

Is your attic open and unfinished? Is your attic partially finished with flooring? These questions are important as it can determine which type of attic insulation is best for topping up. For unfinished attics, some of your topping up insulation options are:

Loose Fill – Loose fill works great if you have existing insulation you do not need to replace. You have the new insulation spray foam on top of the existing insulation. It is perfect to fill in air gaps and spaces to create the desired depth and density to reach the ideal R-value.

Batts/Rolls – If you must have insulation replaced or your attic simply lacks insulation, batts – rolled insulation – can be a good foundation to start with. However, if you have irregular spacing, obstructions, or low clearances, then loose fill might be a better choice.

Sizing Up Your Current Attic Insulation

You can check your existing attic insulation yourself. However, why worry about climbing into the attic when you can get a free estimate from Logik Roofing. Plus, we will inspect your current insulation to make sure it is not compressed, moldy, or water-stained. If it is, it will need to be replaced since it is no longer insulating your home.

If you are ready to top up your attic insulation and enjoy lower heating and cooling energy bills, contact Logik Roofing at 905.424.7469 to schedule an appointment to find out how much attic insulation your home needs. We serve Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, MississaugaRichmond Hill and surrounding areas.

You may even qualify for a home efficiency rebate through a qualifying program. We even offer easy financing! Remember to inquire about both of these when you call to book your appointment.

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