Why Does My Attic Smell Musty?

Musty smelling attics are often an indication of moisture and improper attic venting. To ensure your roof lasts and performs for a long time, it is essential the ventilation of the attic and roof are sufficient. Ventilation is accomplished using a variety of different roofing material products. These air vents are installed at key locations and areas of the roof. The objective is to create the right air flow into and out of the attic space. This air flow is what helps control the air temperatures in the attic space, as well as moisture.
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Depending on the age of your home, the amount of ventilation you have may not reflect current building codes. Building codes are constantly updated and changed. As a result, the requirements from five, ten or fifteen years ago could be different from today’s requirements. It is beneficial to consult with a professional roofer, like at Logik Roofing to determine if your home’s attic ventilation meets current building codes.

In addition, as home designs vary, the type of ventilation that works for one home may not always be sufficient for your home. It is important to keep in mind no single venting solution will work best for every home. Oftentimes a combination of ventilation products and solutions are required, which could include any combination of the following:

  • Attic Fans: Fans can be installed to help draw out air from the attic and vent it outdoors. The fans can be controlled manually using an on/off switch or with an attached thermostat. With a thermostat, the fan automatically turns on once temperatures in the attic reach a reset level and shut off, once temperatures drop below this level.
  • Ridge Vents: This form of venting is a strip that is installed along the ridge line of the roof. It requires proper installation to ensure air flow is not restricted or blocked.
  • Gable Vents: This type of venting are those vents you see with louvered slats that open and close. They allow air to move out of the attic, while at the same time prevent snow and rain from getting inside.
  • Insulation Baffles/Soffit Vents: Part of venting a home’s roofing system is ensuring there are entry and exit points for air flow. Both insulation baffles and soffit vents help do this and are installed at different areas in the roofing system.

Will I Need a New Roof to Get Proper Attic Venting?

Whether you need a new roof will depend on the age of the current roofing shingles. If they are fairly new, and you just lack proper venting, it is possible to increase venting without having to replace all of the shingles on your roof. On the other hand, if your shingles are older or damaged, then getting a new roof at the same time can be beneficial.

To find out more about proper attic insulation and options to get rid of that musty attic smell, please feel free to contact Logik Roofing at (905) 424-7469 or (866) 840-2914 today! We are also an approved contractor for the Green Ontario program, which could provide rebates to cover most of the costs for upgrading your attic and basement insulation!

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