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A properly functioning attic is an essential part of your roofing system on your Whitby home. It needs to be vented correctly to allow proper airflow through the attic at different times of the year. Additionally, to stop heated and cooled air loss from the interior of the home, your attic requires the proper level of insulation.

Over the years, here at Logik Roofing & Insulation, our attic insulation contractors in Whitby have discovered most homes in the area have insufficient attic insulation. Why? This is largely in part to the building codes in effect when your home was built. Even recently built homes can be improperly insulated because building codes only require a R32 R-Value rating for attics.

However, even at this level of insulation, you are losing about 25% of your heated and cooled air through the attic. This has a dramatic effect on your hydro and gas bills. By having our attic installation contractors install blown insulation over the existing insulation to an R50 or R60 R-Value rating, you can reduce air loss by as much as 80%!

Imaging the savings this could have on your energy bills! By investing in improving your attic insulation, the cost of the upgraded insulation pays for itself with the energy savings you experience, year after year.

What If I Have an Older Home and the Insulation Needs Replaced?

In some cases, the removal of the existing attic insulation needs to be performed prior to adding new insulation. This could be due to a very low R-Value rating, possible damage from roof leaks, and other such issues.

Our insulation experts will evaluate the condition of your current insulation and R-Value rating and provide you with the most appropriate solutions for your home. If we do need to remove the old insulation, we are pleased to offer out two-stage “hybrid” attic insulation system.

This system is where we apply a layer of spray foam insulation for the base and then top it up with blown cellulose or fibreglass insulation until an even and continuous blanket of protection is created for proper coverage.

For more information about our blown attic insulation solutions for your Whitby home, call the roofing and attic insulation experts at Logik Roofing & Insulation by phoning 905.424.7469 now or drop us an email today!