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Every year, homes in Pickering are wasting money on heating and cooling their homes because their attics are under-insulated. Heat and cool air loss through the attic accounts for around 25 percent of wasted energy in the home.

Increasing the amount of your attic insulation with blown attic insulation from Logik Roofing & Insulation can help reduce this wasted energy by as much as 80 percent! As such, your new blown insulation will pay for itself, overtime, with the savings you experience on your hydro and energy bills.

How Much Insulation Is in Your Attic?

Do you know how many inches of insulation are currently installed in your attic? Most homeowners have no idea. Even if your home was built in the past five years, or less, the insulation in the attic can be insufficient because the minimum amounts required by building codes is not the same as what is actually recommended for superior insulation to stop energy loss.

Most Pickering homes have, on average, about a R32 rating, which means they have approximately ten inches or less of attic insulation, which is minimal protection. Ideally, you want to have between R50 and R60 of protection, which we highly recommended here at Logik Roofing & Insulation.

In addition to having blown insulation installed, our Pickering insulation contractors also recommend to verify your attic is properly vented. Proper venting and insulation are essential to ensure the attic system is functioning correctly.

What Choices of Blown Insulation Are Available?

Logik Roofing & Insulation offers both cellulose and fibreglass insulation products. Cellulose is a great choice because it is made from about 85 percent recycled materials and offers a superior R-Value rating of 3.5 for each inch of insulation. So, not only are your improving the energy efficiency of your home, but also using an environmentally-friendly solution.

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