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Did you know that you can lose up to 25% of your home’s heat through the attic? Many homes, even those recently built, have insufficient attic insulation to stop the loss of heat. As a result, they use more energy to keep their home set to a comfortable level, which also means higher hydro and natural gas bills since more than half of your home’s energy costs are to heat and cool your home.

In most Oshawa homes, there is only about 10 inches of attic insulation, sometimes less. With 10 inches of insulation your home most likely is rated R32, but it could be less based on the type and quality of the insulation used.

The Benefits of Topping Up your Blown Attic Insulation

The primary benefit of having our Oshawa attic insulation contractors install more insulation is helping you reduce energy loss by up to 80% in the attic! This helps you save money and reduce hydro and natural gas bills year round. Properly sealing and venting your attic is vital for it to function correctly.

Here at Logik Roofing And Insulation, we feature premium products, with a minimum R value of R50, up to R60. We understand how attic systems work and can help you determine the most appropriate solution for your home.

In addition, we offer attic insulation remove, should the old insulation need to be removed prior to adding new. When replacing old insulation, we recommend using a two-part, “hybrid” system consisting of a spray foam base and then blown insulation made from cellulose or fibreglass on top.

Why Cellulose Attic Insulation?

Cellulose is very cost-effective and safe, while providing great performance when used for your attic insulation. It has a very dense R-Value of 3.5 per inch. Not to mention it is eco-friendly since it is made from up to 85% post-consumable recycled materials.

Whether you choose cellulose or fibreglass blown insulation for your attic, our professional technicians install it as one continuous blanket for complete coverage to maximize efficiency and reduce the potential for air leaks.

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