Attic Insulation: Is it Worth the Investment?

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It is no secret that we all want to cut on unnecessary bills; there is no point in paying more when you could get more for less.

For a while now, homeowners have devised another way of keeping their homes warm without hiking their energy bills. And that is by insulating the attic. It has other benefits, such as being environmentally friendly and bringing more comfort.

And so you might be wondering: How much exactly can I save by insulating my attic? Well, we cover that in this article; we break down the benefits against the insulation cost.

Savings from the energy bills

Typical homes have attics that open towards the outside. This logic is to allow cold air to flow in during the winter seasons and flow out during summer. Insulating this section will disrupt the airflow as insulation adds a layer that acts as a barrier. The more layers you add, the more you will be able to counter heat flow in your attic.

If this idea excites you, you might want to do it yourself if you have the skill. But if the whole process terrifies you, an experienced roofing insulating contractor would charge you anything between $1340 and $1800. You might see this figure as expensive, but it is even more costly without the insulation. If you do not insulate your attic, you will have to cough out up to $590 for LPG during winter. Even worse, the cost of keeping your home warm during winter could go up to $1646 if you are using oil.

If you do some math, you will realize that by insulating your attic, you would save an average of 27.5% of the cost of heating and keeping warm home. It would lower the consumption of LPG or oil to $412 and $1152, respectively. This is just an average figure, as people living on the extreme end would typically incur more cost to keep their temperatures in check.

Home resale value

If you are in the real estate business or just considering selling your home someday, you might wonder whether attic insulation is good for you. One thing for sure is; house buyers would be excited to buy a home that is insulated. They would prefer it to houses with no insulation. Skillfully insulated houses attract higher prices, and you will get a 107% return on investment.


Whereas the cost of insulating your attic may initially seem high, it is certainly worth going for it. Considering the cost involved, you virtually do not have a chance to make mistakes. The last thing you would want to do is invest your money and end up with shoddy work. Working with experienced contractors would offer a better chance to get the most out of your investment. When done the right way, you will save on your fuel consumption and ultimately save more money. Even better, you will get the most out of green energy, which is comfortable and environmentally friendly.

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