7 Things to Look for When Hiring a Contractor

Hiring Roofing Contractor Oshawa

When you are hiring a contractor to make home improvements, like replacing your roof or topping up your attic insulation, there are several different things you should look for to ensure your hire the best contractor for the job.

#1: Are they licensed?

You want a licensed contractor. Licensed contractors have met mandated qualifications for the GTA and Ontario, like understanding current building codes. Additionally, if you plan on selling your house, any renovations you have done, need to be completed by a licensed contractor to be recognized as adding value to your home.

#2: Are they insured?

Licensed contractors should have general liability and WSIB insurance. These insurance policies protect homeowners, and their employees should they be an accident or injury during the renovation in your home.

#3: What type of experience do they have?

You want to make sure the contractor you select has experience with the type of project you need to do. For example, you would not hire a plumbing contractor to install a new roof. You would hire a roofing contractor. You can ask the contractor how many projects like yours they have done and request references for similar projects.

#4: What type of reputation does the contractor have?

The reputation of the contractor is equally important to their experience. It is easy to verify their reputation by checking out online reviews from past customers. You can also ask the contractor to provide a list of references you can call.

Another way to evaluate the reputation is to look at what awards they have won. For instance, in the GTA, contractors can win HomeStars Best Of awards, ThreeBest awards, and Reader’s Choice awards, to name a few.

Reputable contractors can also be verified by HomeStars and other such online service sites. Verification means the service reviewed the contractor and evaluated them in various areas including verifying all of their legal and professional requirements were in order.

#5: How well does the contractor communicate?

You want to make sure the contractor is good at communicating with its customers. Even your initial experiences from the time you call to request a quote and it is received can be indications of how well they communicate.

#6: What quality of materials the contractor uses?

You want to make sure the quality of the materials being used for your project are high-quality and meet current building codes. You should look for brands you recognize and associate with high-quality, as well, such as CertainTeed or VELUX.

#7: Do they provide a detailed contract?

The contractor should provide a detailed contract that shows what work is to be completed, what materials are being used, and other such information, like pricing. The contract should also be clear, concise, and easy to read.

By using these tips, you are sure to find the best contractor for home improvement and renovation projects.

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