Basement Insulation: 4 Reasons Why it is a Worthy Investment

Basement Insulation

If you have a basement, there is a chance that it’s some unutilized space that is dull and uninteresting, especially during winter. 

But it doesn’t have to be so. 

With simple insulation, your basement can become a desirable space that you’d love to spend time in. You can transform it into a private room or a home office. Some people prefer working in basements as they are isolated from other rooms and is free from noise. There are unending possibilities of what you can do with a comfortable basement. 

If that excites you, here are some benefits that come along with simple insulation. 

1. Save money on less heat loss

If you control the basement’s temperature, you will make it habitable all year long. Insulated basements block the airflow that can allow cool or warm air in by preventing hot air from escaping and having cold air penetrating the room. This saves the cost of heating up and cooling the unfinished basement. It is a good investment. 

2. Make more money reselling your property

Statistics show a well-designed and finished basement gives up to 70%-75% return on initial investment value. That’s a great deal to an investor and for you if you’re thinking of selling that property someday. 

Finishing your basement will create an entirely new and attractive look. You will attract more prospects, and buyers can pay more for an insulated basement. 

3. Reuse of abandoned basement 

Would you want to spend time and relax in a dark, cold, and abandoned basement? I know you wouldn’t. An insulated basement offers you an opportunity to reuse the basement and make a living space from it. Keeping the room warm and reducing moisture makes the room more habitable. You can repurpose it for other needs. 

4. Lower the moisture levels

By nature, basements are located underground, and moisture levels are a major concern to most homeowners. Uninsulated basements provide the perfect breeding space for mould growth. Using the right insulation material with an in-built vapour barrier would keep the basement in good condition. You will be able to keep off a bad odour and mould from growing. 

Why Not Insulate Your Basement Today?

You’ve read through the benefits of insulating the basement, and now it’s time to put all this thought into action. Take it upon yourself as a new project to finish and create a new home in your basement.

If you are an expert and have all the necessary equipment, you can quickly implement this project independently. With no prior experience, though, insulating your basement could be a daunting undertaking. Oshawa Insulation and Roofing Company are here for you if you consider getting an expert to do the work for you. We offer basement insulation and related services to homeowners. We have a team of professionals dedicated to making the whole process hassle-free. You can always contact us and have your work done by the industry experts. We also serve WhitbyAjaxPickeringMississaugaRichmond Hill and surrounding areas.

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