Winter Is Coming: Is Your Attic Insulated Correctly?

Did you know that one of the reasons your hydro and energy bills can become exceptionally high and unpredictable in the winter is because your attic is not insulated correctly? The attic is part of your roofing system and requires proper insulation and venting for it to work correctly. However, most homes in the GTA do not have sufficient insulation.

As a result, their roofing system does not function correctly and they end up paying more in home heating and cooling costs. Why? The insulation in your attic acts like a blanket over the home’s interior. It is supposed to keep heated and cooled air inside the home, while at the same time block out cold and hot air that is found in the space in between the insulation and the roof.

Proper airflow is also essential to keep air moving and prevent it from getting too hot or too cold in this open-air space. When there is not proper air flow, combined with improper insulation, it reduces the overall effectiveness of the insulating “blanket” in the attic.

Here at Logik Roofing, we recommend asking yourself the following questions:

1. Does your hydro and energy bills seem significantly higher during the coldest parts of winter?

2. Do you feel cold air/warm air drafts around the attic access area in your home?

3. Do you smell mold or mildew around the attic access area?

4. Does it seem like the air is more humid in the attic access area or you can sense a dampness in the air?

5. Is your home more than ten years old and has not had any major improvements made to it?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, chances are your attic is under-insulated and is not providing the proper protection your home needs. If you answered yes to either question 3 or 4 or both, then this could also imply your attic is not properly vented.

To find out the extent of insulation you are lacking in your attic, your next step would be to call us and arrange an in-home inspection. During this inspection process, we will verify what type of insulation you already have, how much more you require, and confirm whether your roofing system and attic are properly vented. Then, our roofing and attic insulation experts will discuss your different options and provide you with a free quote.

Improving the insulation in your attic can help reduce your hydro and energy bills while keeping your home comfortable all winter long. Even if your home is less than 10 years old, we do invite you to contact us for a free attic insulation inspection and quote. You would be surprised by how many people think just because their home is newer, the attic is properly insulated when it really is not.

Call Logik Roofing at 905.424.7469 today to request your free attic insulation estimate and look forward to lower hydro and energy bills this winter!

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