Oshawa Roofing Company Shares Signs Residential Roofing Is Past Its Usefulness

Roofing shingles are designed to last a set amount of time. Just like other things in life, they do wear out eventually and need to be replaced. On average, most traditional roofing shingles last between twenty and twenty-five years, sometimes longer. However, weather, the elements, and other such issues can result in premature failure of the roof.
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If your roof is 15-plus years old, you need to start budgeting money for a new roof. The shingles are nearing the end of their life and will need replaced. Not replacing them can result in damage to the roof, attic, and home, and more costly repairs down the road. Aside from an aged and old roof, there are several tell-tale signs your roof is at the end of its usefulness and should be replaced.

One of the most obvious ones is if you notice your neighbours all getting new roofs installed by professional roofing services in Oshawa. Many neighbourhoods in OshawaDurhamTorontoPickeringWhitbyAjax, and the GTA were built at the same time. As such, all the homes within your community are exposed to the same weather conditions and elements and your neighbours’ roofs could also be at the end of their usefulness.

Another sign it is time for a new roof, is if you notice the edges and corners around the shingles are starting to curl up. Curling causes the shingles to pull away from the roof. When this happens, the shingles do not sit flatly on top of each other and water can get underneath and lead to water leaks and water damage within the home.

Other shingle damages you may notice are cracked shingles and sections where the shingles are missing granules. Cracked shingles are typically caused by either excessively high winds or ice damage. Sometimes, shingles will also crack due to their age. Missing granules are caused when the granules on the shingles are washed away or wear off, which can make it appear like the shingles have “bald spots” on them.

Two other types of problems that occur on older roofs are algae growth and moss growth. Algae cause the roofing shingles to appear darker in certain areas. Moss growth can occur in locations on the roof that do not get much sunlight, yet remains moist and cool. Not only can moss lead to water leaks, but also causes the granules to fall of the shingles.

Both of these issues can be treated using an approved product. However, removing the algae or moss from the roof does not stop it from returning. To avoid damaging the roofing shingles, you may want to contact a professional roofer for assistance. For more serious algae and moss problems, to fully resolve them, it can be better to replace the shingles.

If you are not sure about the current condition of your roof and how much usefulness it has left, you can request a roofing inspection from us, here at Logik Roofing, to find out the age and potential issues. Call our roofing experts at 1.866.840.2914 today for more information or to request a free quote!

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