Top Quality Insulation & Roofing in Oakville

Logik Roofing & Insulation is Oakville’s premium full service roofing company. We have been helping satisfied customers throughout Oakville, from Bronte to Eastlake to the Uptown Core, for over 20 years.

Among our Oakville roofing services are:

  • New Construction Roofing
  • Re-roofing and Repair
  • Cedar & Slate Roofing
  • Copper Work, Eavestrough and Skylights
  • Custom Projects
  • Insulation & More

When it comes to roofing, Oakville’s diverse communities present a unique challenge. Because it is such a historic city that is currently experiencing rapid growth, there is a healthy blend of architecture, ranging from heritage buildings rich with history in Old Oakville, to newer suburban communities, all the way to stately manors along the Lakeshore. Each type of building requires a different approach to roofing given the age, materials and character of the project.

Logik Roofing & Insulation is the roofing contractor in Oakville that understands the requirements of each unique project. We have been operating in the Oakville area for over two decades, and our portfolio of completed projects runs the gamut from new construction roofing to the re-roofing of historical buildings. We understand the distinct flavor of each community and can ensure that your roofing needs are met, regardless of the scope, size, or nature of your project. Contact us today and ask us about the work we’ve done in your area!

Logik Roofing & Insulation: Oakville’s Roofing Contractor of Choice

Our expertise, experience, and commitment to exceptional service sets us apart from the competition. We have a team of dedicated, fully-qualified installers who participate in continuous safety and industry training, allowing us to confidently claim that our knowledge and workmanship is second to none. Additionally, all of our projects are insured under WSIB and business insurance, as safety is just as important to us as delivering quality roofs.

Choose an Oakville roofing contractor you can trust! Call Logik Roofing & Insulation today for any of your Oakville roofing or insulation needs. 1.866.840.2914.