Your Guide to Choosing the Right Roof for Your Home or Business

Your roofing system is one of the most important parts of your home. Your roof protects your home from the elements, improves your home’s appearance, and contributes to your home’s energy efficiency. Learning more about the options you have available for your new roof will help you make the best choice when it comes to your home improvement project.
Flat roof

Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofing is one of the more popular roofing materials because they are economical and have a wide variety of colour options to match most homes. A shingled roof can last up to 25 years — with some types lasting up to 50 years!

Shingles are not only an economically sound investment for your home, but they are an eco-friendly choice, too. Most asphalt shingles can be recycled.


Slate Roofing

Slate roofing has been around for centuries. The first slate roofs appeared on churches and castles in Wales in the 13th century. The long-lasting popularity of slate roofs is due to its longevity as a roofing material — lasting anywhere between 75 and 150 years — and slate’s distinctive texture and appearance.

Slate roofs are heavy, however; so you before having a slate roof installed it is important to have the structure of your home inspected and possibly remodeled in order to prevent potential damage from an overloaded roof.


Cedar Roofing

Cedar roofing actually refers to wood shingles that can come from a variety of different trees. The shingles are made by splitting wood into either the form of a shingle or a shake — hand-split shingles that have a more rustic appearance.

Cedar roofs are surprisingly durable when properly installed and maintained, and can last upwards of 25 years or more. They can also be environmentally friendly when they come from sustainable sources and are recyclable when they are removed.

It is worth noting that cedar roofs are made from wood and are subject to the same vagaries and hazards that any wood material is subject to. It is best to check your homeowner’s insurance policy before deciding to install cedar roofing.

Flat Roofing

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply roofing materials are quickly becoming one of the most in-demand materials for most commercial building roofs. TPO is a durable, heat-reflective, and energy efficient material that is installed in large rolls to the roof’s surface.

TPO roofing materials help provide resistance to ozone, chemical, and ultraviolet exposure and help improve your commercial building’s energy efficiency. TPO roofing is environmentally friendly, highly durable, and cost-effective.

When it comes to your home or business’ roofing system, no matter what roofing system you choose, it is important to use only a qualified GTA professional roofing company to install your roof. For more information about your roofing options and to request a quote, please feel free to contact Logik Roofing and Insulation at 866-840-2914 today!

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