Greener Homes Energy Audit – Purview, Scope, & Importance

Greener Homes Energy Audit Canada

A Green Home – Typically designed homes that are ecologically sustainable, aiming mainly at the effective utilization of Water, Building Materials, and Energy.

Greener Homes Energy Audit: The Purview of Greener Homes Energy Audit

Following are some of the points that homeowners should anticipate before getting their homes audited for the Greener Homes Initiative are:

Energy Audit – Nature & Scope:

To improvise the overall effectiveness of your home’s energy usage, Energy Audit is the commencement phase, to begin with. This requires a home assessment that accounts for various factors like Total energy consumption (including electricity usage), Insulation, Air leakage, Ductwork, and Furnace!

Energy Audit – Its Process & Conduct:

The process involved in-home energy audit is a thorough inspection of the:

  • Your home insulation, including the scope of attic insulation
  • Window quality
  • A Blower Door Test – Check the loss of heat owing to air that leaks.

The main reason for conducting these tests is to conclude on the best-suited upgrades required, which can give a supreme performance.

The most in-demand upgrade that every homeowner should expect is Solar Energy. Solar energy provides clean and eco-friendly energy. Also, solar energy delivers a locked-in electrical rate of 5.3¢ Kilowatt-hours (kWh). This considerably reduces your electrical bills.

Your home assessment will be fully accomplish and put through by a registered representative of Natural Resources Canada. You can book your evaluation process through this registered specialist. The homeowners initiating the greener homes must hire thorough professionals to conduct their home evaluations. The local government’s energy office will help you find companies authorized to perform such audits.

Energy Audit – Total Cost & Time Taken:

The net audit cost is directly proportionate to the size of your home. An average-sized nuclear or conjugal family home audit cost could fall between $300 to $500. It might take around 4 to 5 hours to complete the total audit.

Energy Audit – Government Grant:

You can get monetary support from the government up to $600 under the Greener Homes Grant for energy audit – pre and post-home renovations. The homeowners are responsible for the upfront audit expenditure. The expenses will reimburse to the homeowners once their reconstruction activity will complete. You can expect the sanctioned amount within one month of submitting the necessary documents. One of the important points that have to be noted here by the homeowners is to receive home audit reimbursements’ the Full Green Homes Process should be impeccably completed. (

Energy Audit – Employment Generation:

An increase in the demand for energy advisors is anticipated so that Greener Homes Grant Initiative will employ around 2,000 new employees. The employment, training and mentoring exclusively planned by the Federal Government so that the recruits will fit to undertake home energy audits as soon as the new green home renovations program is launch.

Greener Homes Grant Initiative is giving further importance by promoting diversified inclusions in the workplace by focusing more on native people, women, racialized Canadians, and handicapped people.

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