Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Program


Attic insulation
Get up to $750 back

A well-insulated attic prevents air and money from escaping through your roof.

Attic insulation: Get up to $750 back
Up to $750: Increase attic insulation from R-35 or less to at least R-60.

Have you ever considered an Attic insulation upgrade to save on Energy bills & increase your home’s Comfort level?

Great News!!

The Enbridge Home Efficiency rebate program gives homeowners $750 back for an Attic Insulation upgrade & $600 back for an energy audit.

Logik Roofing & Insulation provides Attic insulation upgrades to help Homeowners save on energy bills, have a better home comfort level and improve the efficiency of the attic space. A well-insulated attic prevents air and money from escaping through your roof!

Qualify for up to $5,000 back with the Home Efficiency Rebate.

Learn more about the program here:

Here’s How It Works

  1. Request a free, no obligation assessment & estimate from us to upgrade your attic insulation. Our insulation specialist will then determine the R-value(depth) of your current insulation to ensure your attic is eligible for the program.
  2. Book an energy audit with a certified energy auditor. He will advise on what the insulation and air sealing requirements are. ($400 + HST payable to auditor at time of audit)
  3. Complete the two upgrades (attic insulation and air sealing) to qualify for the rebate. (Payment due upon completion to Logik Roofing Inc.)
  4. Book a final inspection with the auditor to ensure the work has been carried out as required. By Logik Roofing & the homeowner. ($200 + HST payable to auditor at time of audit)
  5. The auditor submits all rebate required paperwork on your behalf. Logik Roofing does not handle any submissions.
  6. You receive your rebate cheque within 12 weeks ($750 for the Attic Top-Up & $600 for the energy audit

It’s that simple!

Contact our office for full details. Although Logik Roofing has auditors we currently suggest, we will work with any approved auditor of your choice. Full qualification details and a complete list of Approved Energy Auditors can be found on Enbridge’s Website. or by phone Enbridge directly at 1(877) 362-7434

Why Choose Logik Roofing & Insulation

Choosing the right roofing & Insulation company is an important decision.

We are a family run business with experienced and knowledgeable staff who take the time to guarantee every detail, even the tiniest, is addressed and properly managed for every single project.


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