What Is the Difference Between Shingle Roofing and Slate Roofing?

At some point, the roof on your home will need to be replaced, depending upon the age of the home. Some people also decide to update the exterior appearance of their GTA homes with a new colour of siding or exterior paint and at the same time, want to get a new roof to put the finishing touches on their home renovation project.
shingle & slate roofing

As you are shopping around for roofing materials, you will quickly notice you have several options, including slate and shingle roofs. There are key differences between the two, which should be taken into consideration, based on the aesthetic you want to achieve, as well as you budget.


Slate is often considered the “better looking” of the two roofing materials. Slate is a higher quality material, and is evident once it is installed on your home. Slate roofs can also help increase the value of the home. Shingles, on the other hand, tend to come in a wider range of colours. They are made from roofing, so the finished product is a roofing roof. However, in the end most people tend to prefer slate over roofing.


As you might expect, slate roofing materials cost more than shingles. This is largely due to slate being a superior roofing product. Even though slate roofs have a higher upfront investment, they last significantly longer than roofing shingles. There are some home with slate roofs more than a hundred years old! With roofing shingles, they typically last around twenty years, and have to be replaced. Over the lifetime of the home, in the long run, slate actually ends up costing less!


Roofing shingles weigh less than slate tiles. Since slate tiles weigh more, it is essential to have a qualified roofing contractor from Logik Roofing inspect your and verify the existing roofing underlayment and frame is capable of supporting the weight of the slate tiles. Both the underlayment and frame can be upgraded to sturdier materials capable of supporting a slate roof, if needed. Failing to get your roof inspected could potentially lead to the roof collapsing later, from the added weight of the slate roofing materials.


There are differences in how roofing shingles and slate roofs are installed. With roofing shingles, and the right size roofing installation crew, most roofing projects can be completed in a day, sometimes two. With slate roofing, it is important to find a roofing company, who specializes in this type of roofing material, like Logik Roofing. The installation process is a bit more detailed and can take a little longer to completed, compared to roofing shingles.

Our residential roofing installers and crews have been factory trained by the manufacturers of the roofing materials. As a result, they know how expertly install your new slate or roofing shingle roof correctly. For further assistance and help selecting the materials for your new roof, please feel free to call Logik Roofing at 416.840.0802 today!

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