Cedar Roofing


Cedar Roofing Services in Durham, Oshawa, Toronto and the GTA

Logik Roofing & Insulation offers an array of roofing solutions for our clients to choose from including cedar wood shingles and shakes. Red cedar wood shingles and shakes gives your home or commercial building a natural and beautiful appearance. Both cedar shingles and shakes are sturdy and resistant to the elements and weather, not to mention one of the best materials you can use.

The Difference between Cedar Shakes and Shingles

Cedar shakes are manufactured by splitting the wood into pieces of varying widths with uniform thickness. The front tends to have a rough textured surface, while the back is smooth. Cedar shingles are manufactured by sawing the wood into pieces with a uniform thickness, but different widths. Unlike shakes, the shingles are smooth on both sides.

The Benefits of a Cedar Roof

One of the primary benefits gained with a natural cedar wood roof is an additional layer of insulation on the exterior of the home or commercial building. Wood is a natural insulating material due to the wooden fibres. The wooden shingles and shakes helps prevent cooled and heated air from escaping through the roof. As such, a cedar roof could potentially reduce your cooling and heating costs significantly.

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