The Canada Greener Homes Grant Application Process

Canada Greener Homes Grant Application Process

Although some home improvements can incur a cost, opportunities are available that help improve a home while also saving homeowners money. Many people will know the importance of retaining heat in the house, but Canadian homeowners may not realise they could be entitled to the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

One of the main areas responsible for lost heat is the roof. As heat rises, an uninsulated roof means the temperature requires more energy to maintain. As well as impacting the environment, it can also increase utility bills. 

As such, homeowners with an uninsulated roof may want to use The Greener Homes Grant, especially as a quarter of heat is often lost via the roof of a property. 

What Is the Greener Homes Grant?

The Canada Greener Homes Act aims to aid landlords and homers in making their property more energy-efficient.

 How to Apply for the Grant

There are two ways of registering for the Canada Greener Homes Grant, online and by telephone. To register online, users must visit the official website and choose from one of two login options. The Sign-In partner uses banking information to log in. Users can log in via the GCKey, a secure service that safeguards online information if they cannot use their bank details. 

Two audits will be completed during the process, determining the person’s eligibility for the grant. There will also be an evaluation to ascertain what type of work needs to be carried out to improve the efficiency of the property.

 Planning Your Roof Insulation

If you are eligible for the grant, you will receive recommendations from an energy advisor regarding the work needed. It is important to note that energy advisors need to approve any planned work, so you must be aware of your budget.

Any work that is carried out but not listed in the recommendations may not be reimbursed, meaning the remainder of the amount is paid by the homeowner.

 Applying for a Reimbursement

One of the most important things regarding the Canada Greener Homes Grant is that the amount spent on renovations or retrofits will be reimbursed rather than issued upfront. 

Because of this, homeowners should book their second evaluation as soon as possible. This evaluation confirms how efficient the roof insulation is and the potential savings you will make.

This information needs to be submitted within 30 days of the work being carried out and will be used to determine the final amount of the reimbursement.

 What Happens Next?

Once the necessary information has been submitted to a program officer, the application will be reviewed. An update will be received in the user’s portal confirming the reimbursement amount.

Any disagreements with the amount shown must be forwarded to a program officer and supporting information so the application can be reviewed.

Applying for a Canada Greener Homes Grant for the first time can be overwhelming for some people. Fortunately, Logik Roofing has dealt with many attic insulation jobs that have been made possible thanks to grants, so customers can be assured that any work carried out meets the specified recommendations.

If you want to know more about the benefits of insulation for your roof or attic in the GTA area, why not visit for more information?

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