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Markham Insulation Contractor

When you are looking for experienced insulation contractors in Markham, look no further than Logik Roofing. We have been proudly serving the insulation needs of Markham and area homeowners for over nine years.

Our insulation specialists will help you determine the right amount of insulation your home requires. Even if your home is relatively new, chances are you can still benefit from an attic insulation upgrade.

Most builders tend to follow building codes and requirements at a minimum level. As a result, they tend to use the minimum insulation needed. If you want to make your home more energy efficient and reduce your energy bills, then you need to consider adding more insulation to your Markham home.

How Much Insulation Does Your Markham Home Need?

Finding out how insulation your Markham home needs starts with scheduling an in-home inspection with one of our experienced insulation specialists. During the inspection, key areas of the home’s attic are inspected.

Since the attic is one of the easiest areas of the home to access, it is also one of the easiest to top off with new insulation. This is why many Markham homeowners start by topping off their attic insulation first before improving other areas of the home.

During your attic inspection, our contractor will:

  • Check air sealing around plumbing stacks, and hatchway box.
  • Check the attic ventilation system including the soffit intake, and upper exhaust
  • Identify and note any signs of condensation

After the inspection is complete, we will make recommendations on what insulation service would be best for your home. To illustrate, many of the recently built homes in Markham have attic insulation with an R-value of R32. Our typical top up to R60 offers many benefits.

What Type of Insulation Is Best for Your Markham Home?

Deciding which insulation is best for your Markham home could include using one or more of the following three general types of insulation materials

  • Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation
  • Spray Foam Insulation

You will typically find all three materials used in Markham homes. Our insulation contractors will recommend which materials are best for your home based on where the insulation is being added. For instance, blown-in insulation is great to use when topping off attic insulation.

At Logic Roofing, our goal is to provide exceptional customer service for every insulation improvement project while completing the job correctly the first time. If you have more questions about insulation materials or want to schedule an in-home inspection, contact us today!


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Here at Logik Roofing & Insulation, we have been specializing in shingle, slate, and cedar roofing services, as well as insulation services for over 9 years, for both commercial and residential projects. Our experienced roofers also provide customization services to fit with your exact project specifications and needs.
Our team of roofers consist of only the top-rated, knowledgeable, professional and qualified installers in the GTA. Plus, our installers have undergone manufacturer product knowledge training in order to provide their recommendations to ensure your project exceeds your expectations!

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